United States Census 2010
Over 120 mostly young
car show exhibitors
became converts.


Bureau of Automotive Repair wanted to reach younger, diverse audiences for its PR campaign to promote better car maintenance.


NAM reached out to Hispanic, Asian and African American car show enthusiasts to start a buzz linking the hazards of poorly tuned and maintained automobiles to young people’s concerns about high asthma rates and global warming.


NAM organized two all-day car shows in Fresno and San Jose, featuring over 100 car show exhibitors and
special noon panels of environmental
experts and BAR officials speaking about the health impacts of car
maintenance practices.


NAM used the car shows to draw coverage from over 30 ethnic and mainstream media outlets in both cities. “This is the first car show the Korea Times has covered,” said Tae Soo Joong excitedly, “and it comes with a special health message."


Over 120 mostly young car show exhibitors became converts; media:
coverage reached over 2 million.