United States Census 2010
“ It was a monster we didn’t know how to cover until the forum.” — Fanny Miller, CEO/Editor, El Latino San Diego.


The California Endowment asked NAM to help raise awareness o fthe benefits of the new health care reform law.


NAM commissioned a multilingual poll
to survey 900 ethnic Californians on their
knowledge of the law and used results to dramatize the information gap ethnic media partners need to fill.


NAM organized call-to-action forums for over 100 ethnic media practitioners and health care experts in seven cities to improve their knowledge of the law and its impact on their audiences.


NAM culled FAQs from seven forums to develop
“Ask the Expert” advertorials in five languages along with radio PSAs for over 150 ethnic media outlets. NAM developed an online ad component for 30 web sites, and produced in-depth multi-media features to be run as earned media.


5.5 million readers in 49 different ethnic publications